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Taleeah Social Institution is a non-profit, non-government, non-political independent organization dedicated to Countering Violent Extremism in Afghanistan through moderated intra-faith debates, in-depth research, holding of regional conferences, long-term and short-term trainings, seminars, radio programs, video and audio publications, book publishing, publication of a seasonal magazine, social pages, and hosting of websites.

Taleeah Social Institution envisions a community where every human being respected irrespective of her/his beliefs, religious background, ethnicity, gender, or distinction of any kind. Taleeah is an honest, independent, transparent, and national institution which tirelessly working hard for the software development of Afghanistan.

Mission and Goals:

The mission of Taleeah Social Institution is to contribute for creating a society where there is not discrimination of any kind between men and women, where understanding of Islam contribute for toleration and peaceful co-existence, where human rights and democracy accepted as fundamental principles and values of Muslim faithful men and women.

Taleeah achieves its mission through moderated intra-faith debates, conducting in-depth researches in the field of Islamic theology and social sciences, public education, advocacy campaigns, establishing of educational centers and think thanks across the country. Taleeah committed to establish close and strong relationship with Islamic modernists and intellectuals, and orientalists across the world.

Establishing strong partnership with western think thanks, Islamic centers across the world (those which dedicated their resources for promotion of human rights, democracy, and civic education) international and local organizations, government agencies, and foundations is at top of Taleeah Social Institution duties for fulfilling of its mission.

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