Taleeah CVE

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Taleeah Departments for Countering Violent Extremism

  1. Research and studies on violent extremism Unit
  2. Capacity Building Unit
  3. Gender Justice Unit
  4. Media & Publication Unit

1. Research Unit on Violent extremism

We conduct extensive research and studies for countering violent extremism; we study its literature, its language, the way which it effect on people for finding its roots. Our researches mainly focuses on Islamic theology, humanities, and on society. We write and translate books, articles, and papers on democracy, human rights, Islamic theology, and on humanities from Arabic and English to Dari and Pashtu, as well.

2. Capacity Building Unit:

Capacity building is one of the few options for sustainable software development of Afghanistan. Taleeah Social Institution works on the capacity building of Afghan people on the areas of leadership, conflict management, negotiations, democracy, citizenship, human rights, gender, legal awareness, dispute resolution, and good governance.

3. Gender Justice Unit:

Women are the most important players for countering violent extremism, and they are the victim of extremism. We strongly believe that a sustainable growth will not be happened without equal opportunities for women in society. We train strong and committed female leaders who have the courage to challenge the process through active participation in society.

4. Media and Publication Unit

Taleeah knows the importance and role of media in the new world. The media unit of Taleeah social institution is one of the active and up to dated units of Taleeah Social Institution. We publish a quarterly magazine which focuses on countering violent extremism with a 1000 copies per every season, the audiences of the magazine are: university lecturers, mullahs of the mosques, and students of universities. We host two websites and a social page with more than 5000 thousand followers. And we produce a weekly program from Radio Kilid for promotion equal rights for men and women. This unit published three major publications on the roots of violent extremism: the first one is Eyes Must Be Washed, the second one is From This Perspective, and third one is the Religion of Hatred. Each of these books concentrates on a specific aspect of violent extremism. The last book which has been published by this unit is a book called “Every Day with Quran.” Which focuses on giving a moral and secular understanding from Quran.