Taleeah SA

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Taleeah strategic approach is to counter violent extremism. We train leaders who have strong commitment for countering violence, serving community, and mobilizing for social changes.

1. Training Leaders for Countering Violent Extremism, and Advocate for Democracy and Human Rights

We train committed leaders for countering violent extremism, and advocating for democracy, and human rights. We working hard toward unleashing the potentials of young men and women of Afghan society for leading the society toward positive changes and a different future. A future without terrorist groups and without of their

2. Research Center and Think Tank

We conduct researches in the field of Islamic theology and humanities for countering violent extremism. Our researchers conduct unique researches for understanding the roots of terrorism, violence, and hatred in Islamic societies. We critically read scripture in order to understand what the role plays the scripture for intensifying of violence and terrorism in the Islamic world. Simultaneously we adopt best ways from the scripture to undermine the ideology of Terrorist and extremist groups.

3. Media and Publish Center

We know that a growing number of Afghan young generation use social medias and internet. We actively have presence in the Facebook with daily updates on topics of Islamic reformation, democracy, and human rights. Currently we operate three websites for covering a wide range of users in Afghanistan. We publish books and a quarterly magazine, and produce weekly programs on radio for a wide range of audience.

4. Partnership

Taleeah social institution plans to establish close partnership with think tanks and educational centers in Islamic world and in the West. We support and partner with the national organization in the country, especially those that focus on women empowerment, democracy, human rights and Islamic intellectualism.

5. Mobilizing for Advocacy Campaigns Which Address Policies, and Terrorism

Taleeah Social Institution mobilize men and women in Afghanistan to advocate for countering violent extremism. We advocate for policies which strength democracy, and human rights in Afghanistan, we advocate for elimination of subjects and topics that promote anti-democratic attitude and behavior in the educational system of Afghanistan.