Modernization and Radicalization (A challenge for business in society)

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Modernization and Radicalization a challenge for business in society Shoaib Taheri Read More ...

[i]One of the invisible challenges in the way of society’s improvements is the crash between modernization and radicalization.

People in society with traditional ideas and thoughts don’t want to accept the improvement of new and modern world. Moderation is one the factor which causes business to improve in a society. People welcome the new and modern style of cloths, house equipment, new style of houses, new and improved technology, modern facilities… and this causes the economy and business to be run, but people with traditional and old ideas and thoughts, encourage others not to buy modern goods. People with traditional and old ideas and thoughts think the modern goods, faculties, equipments, modern technology… came to give their convenient.

Radical schools in the society are one of other challenges in the way of business improvements. Businessmen mostly in society need the support of society’s authorities, who are mostly the religious lawyer of people, for continuing their business in the society. Businessmen should support financially the religious lawyers in order to have better communication between each other in the society. Businessmen don’t want to have a bad name in the society because it affect on their sales, marketing, importing and exporting goods, improvement… and for achieving to this goal they need to keep their relationships with the lawyers/religious authorities. But the point is in here the lawyer/religious authorities in their speeches motivate people against buying the new and modern goods which businessmen bring to improve the business and economy in the society. Lawyer/religious authorities (who are mostly people with radical, old and traditional ideas and thoughts) make people against current and modern life.

Business can improve in such society considering some programs for the people who are the root of the challenges in the society for business. By researching and surveying for finding roots of the problems and challenges, and providing programs based on the principles of new and contemporary life, democratic principles, intellectualism, professionalism, independence, internationalism and progressive values which address how being justified with modernization can increase positive opportunities for the society and decrease negative challenges and problem against society improvement.



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